Thank You

Evening wonderful people=) If you’re stopping by for the Island’s Wrath adventure, simply scroll down to the next post.

However, this short post is to thank Andrew Hines for allowing me to guest post on his blog today.

Andrew’s someone who encourages people to reach for their dreams.

For those of you who don’t know, this last year I’ve been striving for my dream of writing. This blog is part of that. And, just recently, I’ve been invited to participate in self-publishing a short story anthology with eight other people who, in a round about way, I met because of this blog. It’s my first publication.

Anyway, Andrew allowed me to guest post to share the story and encourage other people to reach for their dreams too. Even the small steps can make a huge difference.

You can read the post, if you like, here.

Thank you, Andrew.


Jennifer M Zeiger

11 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Hello Jennifer! You wrote an excellent guest post, that´s where I found your blog. Have a nice evening and best of luck towards your dreams!

    Björn Petersson

  2. Hi Jennifer!!! I read your guesting on Andrew’s blog, and I definitely am inspired on how you have started and where you’re getting to by following your passion. I hope you continue to enjoy what you’re doing, and inspiring other people. I’m so following your advise on your post, let’s reach for our Stars 🙂

  3. Hi
    I, like xinkai, read your post on Andrew’s blog which was very timely for me and your journey so far. A signpost to continue pursuing the life I imagined and living the ‘unlived’ parts of my life. For example, immersing myself in the arts, nature, nutrition and awareness.
    Thank you Jennifer for your inspiration and sharing your writing journey.

    La vita è un avventura…..Life is an adventure.
    Continued success and joy with your writing

  4. hi! I saw your post on Andrew’s blog and I just wanted to say that it struck a chord in me, especially the part on how a tiny step can lead to things you never imagined possible. I do believe that a simple gesture or just a few words might make someone’s day or even change their lives – I’ve experienced this myself.
    Keep chasing your dreams, and keep writing! People do read 🙂

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