Saving Mae Part One of Three

I’m delighted to announce that this story has found a home with the Dark Futures online e-zine. If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it on their site at Dark Futures under March 2014. (Saving Mae)

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6 thoughts on “Saving Mae Part One of Three”

  1. You’ve asked for some input, I’m happy to assist;
    interesting character that’s ready to resist.
    Both of the things I’ll talk about, happen in the second paragraph,
    so I thought I’d leave a comment, on my personal behalf:
    At the beginning of the fourth line, you used the word sent,
    where ‘scent’ seemed to belong, at least to this gent.
    You also mentioned ‘Margini land’ on the last row, unless I’m wrong;
    the use of land smacked of fantasy, it just didn’t seem to belong.
    This is only my opinion, take it under whatever advisement suits you;
    Comment on you later, oh and I’m looking forward to Wednesday too!

    1. Thanks sooo much for the feedback, S.J.! It’s always appreciated. I indeed meant ‘scent’ and Margini land is a gang thing. They all have their own territory in this story but perhaps I didn’t explain this right in the story. Thanks for asking. I’ll look at revising=)

  2. JEN, it definitely has the sci. fi. feel about it. Post apocalyptic is always interesting to read, everybody has such different ideas and visions.
    I’d be nice if she could find lil’ sis. and Mom both alive, and rescue them. :mrgreen: not to mention Dad.
    Though she’s feeling kinda helpless to me right now, I’m kinda concerned.
    Looking for wed. CJ

    1. This could definitely be longer but for the contest, I’m restricted to 1500 words, so you might get lil’ sis but I can’t guarantee the others=) We’ll see if I expand this after the contest. Thanks for the input.

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