Right Now

Are you always looking to the future? Always saying things will be better when? Always striving toward a goal in your head? Some mystical thing that you can’t quite believe?

This week is a reflection week for me. A chance to share what the last six months or so have taught or reinforced as I’ve attempted a writing schedule with the goal of publication.

Here’s one simple thing that time and again stands out that I’d like to share with you.

There will always be distractions.

I’ll set in my head a schedule for the day. Work out, take a shower, eat breakfast, maybe clean something, and then sit down to write. But wait, it’s almost lunch. Maybe I can make something and eat at my desk. Oops. I made a mess of the kitchen. Better clean that up first…

It’s stupid, the little things that take little chips of time until the day’s almost done and I realize I haven’t written a word yet.

Daft! I’ll never get published…

But such thoughts are self defeating. So how do we get away from such a mindset when there are always distractions?

Remember you have now.

It’s really tempting to think ‘oh well, I didn’t write today. I’ll try again tomorrow.’ No! There will never be more time. It’s not like tomorrow will magically have an extra pocket of time where the entire world bows to the ‘perfect schedule’ in my head. If I don’t use the time I have right now, the hour or two after dinner, or the half hour I spend waiting in the dentist’s waiting room, or the hour before noon and lunch, then I can almost guarantee I won’t use that same time tomorrow.

Appreciate Now.

The only guarantee we have is right now. You have that dream, great. But the only way you’ll achieve that dream is if you use the time you have now.

One last thought, enjoy the now. What’s the point of achieving a dream if you hate the path it takes to get there. Will it be hard, yes, most worthwhile things are. That doesn’t mean you have to hate it. If you’ve allowed yourself to focus constantly on how horrible each step is, you’re brain’s then trained to dislike each part. That includes disliking the final result even if you succeed.

So use the time you have and enjoy each moment. We’re guaranteed nothing else.



7 thoughts on “Right Now”

  1. Hi Jennifer, nice to meet you on here and thank you for following. I enjoyed this article, you have given some very wise advice and so true!
    I just noticed one of your tweets, mentioning that there’s a foot of snow and growing, wow!
    Spring is late isn’t it? At last, here in the UK we’re just feeling some warmth from the sun and plants are growing again, but Colorado still having snow must be hard work for you (but beautiful).
    I will enjoy reading your blog very much and I hope we can share opinions in the future, until then my best regards (and I hope the snow melts).
    Speak soon, James 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, James. I’m a little jealous of the growing plants but this is typical Colorado, so I shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve gotten snow in July before=)
      Checked out your blog yesterday. It’s quite interesting. I admire your dedication to the history of the Fylde Coast and the river Ribble.

  2. Bipolar depression, along with my therapist, has taught me the future doesn’t matter because we may not have it. My here and now is fantastic and amazing, and whatever happens in the future happens. All I know is I will have a good one regardless because I have been able to fight through so much and I can continue fighting.

    1. That’s beautiful, Amber, I’ve found people who can love now for what it is are happier people. Keep fighting because life is fantastic and amazing.

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