Alosian Oasis Part 5 (Bb2.2)

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Alosian Oasis Option Bb2.2 Seek Another Way

Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots
Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots

Sweat trickles down between your shoulder blades. Cutting your hand and bleeding, even just a little, sounds like a bad idea in a spot where any liquid is precious.

You push to your feet and turn around. There’s a shushing sound behind you and when you glance back, the little bowl has disappeared back into the wall.

Since the other end of the T was a dead end and you don’t remember any difference in the script there, you turn back the way you came but stop dead when you find the way blocked by a new wall.

Or did you get turned around?

Inspecting the new wall, the script doesn’t shift, even when you kneel in front of it like you did the last one.

You sip from your skin and turn. Perhaps you’ve gotten your directions mixed.

But when you go down the right side of the T it’s still a dead end.

You head back to the left, sweating buckets from the heat radiating off the walls.

Instead of finding the wall that asked for blood, you find a new T. It dawns on you that the maze moves.


You take the left because it takes you toward what you think is the center.

The walls grow narrower and you hug your arms to your sides, afraid touching the pulsing red script will burn you.

When your body stops sweating and your water and food’s long gone, you know you’re in trouble.

Your vision swims and you stumble against the right wall. Jerking away, the wall leaves a burn on your arm.

As you continue on, you blink at what you see a little farther down. A opening? Perhaps the center?

You blink again. Between the heat and your gritty eyes, you have a hard time focusing but you rush forward, eager to find a way out.

And smack directly into a wall. Crack!

You’re head throbs with pain.

The maze didn’t move. You’re eyes are playing tricks on you.

You don’t rise from where you fall. The decision to stop moving’s not even processed.

Sadly by the time the Alosians find you, you’re too far gone to save.

They never meant to kill someone with their maze, so an investigation’s started. It reveals Berta, who designed the maze, designed it to “sift out” outsiders. She hates outsiders, who she believes are unworthy of trading for her horses.

They banish Berta to a place called Amonen, an outsider village deep in the desert, where she is sentenced to work for the outsiders.

Then they send ten horses to your village council with their condolences at your loss.

The council erects a small plaque under the village sign commemorating your courage and sacrifice. May you rest in peace.

The End

Okay, to remain true to the Choose Your Own Adventure Books, I had to put in a least one of these endings.

But don’t despair, if you’re not satisfied with this ending, there are sixteen possible endings to the Alosian Oasis, so I’ll rerun the adventure at some point down the road and you can try again for a happier fate.

In the meantime, thank you everyone for participating!



8 thoughts on “Alosian Oasis Part 5 (Bb2.2)”

  1. This is fun. You never know what is around the next corner and so many twists. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.

  2. Like the way you described the “gritty eyes”… I’ve had that very feeling myself, on more than one occasion. What’s next and when 🙂 CJ

    1. Friday the entire Alosian Oasis story will post so people can read it without jumping around the blog. Monday will start a new adventure! I’m excited about it. Sometimes the writing just flows and it did for Monday’s post. Thanks so much for participating in the adventure=)

  3. True to life our decisions lead us to unknown horizons. Giving your all to help your people no matter the cost. Selflessness. Will I hide behind my comfortable “place” or take a step of faith into the unknown. If He’s leading it will always be an adventure.

    Well done.

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