Alosian Oasis Part 3 (Bb)

Welcome back for the third installment of the adventure to the Alosian Oasis.

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So welcome and enjoy.

Alosian Oasis Option Bb: Maze

You’ve never been taught how to find water in the desert but you’re pretty decent finding your way so you say, “maze.”

Berta gives you a smile that makes you think of a snake.

“Follow me,” she says.

You shudder but follow her through the oasis and out the other side of trees.

You miss a step.

Before you stands a wall as far to the left and right as you can see. How you didn’t see it the night before, you’ve no idea.

Berta takes you to the only opening in the stone structure. She hands you a water skin and a small pack of food.

“There is a door in the ground at the center of the maze. Find the door and go through it. It will bring you back to the oasis. If you make it by nightfall, we’ll make an offer. Beware the easy way, Barterer.”

You agree and enter. As soon as you step through, the entrance disappears in a cloud of sand.

It hits your throat and you’re thrown into a fit of coughing.

When you recover, you see a single avenue in front of you, so you walk forward until the maze y’s.

The left branch seems to have some sort of greenery farther down. At this distance you can’t be quite sure but the green seems to move.

The right branch has bright red script that glows on the stone walls.

You’re unfamiliar with the script but you also have no idea how the Alosians managed to grow something so green in the maze.

Do you…

Bb1: Go left toward the green?


Bb2: Go right with the red script.

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend,


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16 thoughts on “Alosian Oasis Part 3 (Bb)”

  1. Difficult decision, wish I could check them both out just to get a little more info, but I will go with the red script.

  2. Ooooo, tough choice! I love anything that grows, so I would probably want to check it out (even though moving green things seems a bit creepy…)

  3. The Jarvis clan votes 4 for greenery (that moves) and 4 for the red glowing unknown script. We have been enjoying your stories Jen and of course the photos. Hope everyones doing good in the high country.

  4. I would have to go for the side with the green on it, however, the Berta did say “Beware of the easy way”. Therefore against my better judgment I would head down the red path. Bb2

  5. Hey Jennifer,

    I’m going to go with the green stuff. It seems less creepy then the red script. I’m hoping the green stuff is grass or some plants moving in the wind. I hope all is well Jennifer, have a nice weekend!


  6. I love these, and look forward to a new installment each time, it’s like a little treat during my lunch hour!

    I say red script. Red is the color of warning, but it’s also the color of love. I’m hoping it’s the latter!

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