Alosian Oasis Part 1

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After some feed back from a few of my readers, I realized some people might not be getting to participate because of the time constraint on the voting. So I’m fiddling with the structure of these stories. This Adventure will run for two weeks but instead of posting every day, I’m giving a day and a half for voting each time. Each new section will post Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday and then the second Friday will post the entire story in full so you don’t have to jump around to read the full thing. Let me know what you think. If you have a better idea, please share.

Now, without further ado, you have made your way into the desert.

Alosian Oasis

You carry a message from the village council. They trusted you because the trek to the Alosians is long and hard and you’re the most experienced carrier they have even though you are also the youngest.

But even being the most experienced, you’ve never been to the south before. you’ve never traversed the sand to reach the desert nomad’s oasis.

You’re five days out now. The winds swirl sand in small devils along the dunes. there’s sand in your clothing, in your ears, even around your eyes and nose despite the protective veil across your face.

You were told the trek was a full five days. Hopefully the council was right because your store of water’s low.

Along with water you’re wearing billowy pants and top and a head scarf that allows the flow of wind but shields you from the blistering sun.

A small pack for food rests on your back and several water skins are tied securely to your waist. On either ankle you have a knife, your only protection on the trek.

If the council had a horse or camel, you’d be riding but, alas, no one’s seen a horse in years and even if they had, no one has the money to buy one. But the village needs animals that can help with plowing and hauling. Over the years, supplies have grown low because people can’t move as much weight as a beast of burdon.

That is why the council sent you through the desert to the Alosians. They want to barter for beasts and the desert nomads are the only ones willing to barter anymore. All other places demand coin, saying barter is old fashioned and useless when compared to solid coin.

The sun sits on the horizon and you angle more left, realizing you strayed a bit in your musing.

Just as the last rays disappear you crest a dune and catch sight of a beautiful green line of trees.

Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots
Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots

The wind blows, instantly cooling the air from the heat of the blistering sun. A shiver runs your spine as the breeze cools the sweat on your body.

Heading for that line of trees, you notice several figures imerge and stand, waiting for you.

That line grows until there’s a good twenty people.

Must be almost the whole village at the oasis. More Alosians live farther into the desert but those willing to trade live here, where outsiders can reach them.

You come to stand before the line and a burly woman with dark eyes and long lashes steps forward.

“Water Seeker or Lost Fool?” She asks.

Neither one’s technically correct but you keep from bristling at her assumption. Although you need water, it’s not why you’ve come.

Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots
Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots

“Barter offer,” you answer.

The woman’s eyes widen and there are a few grunts from the crowd.

“Barter in Water or in Salt?’

It dawns on you that the council didn’t authorize you in either area, instead offering staples. But staples are not what the Alosians value. To barter, you need to offer something these people truly need. Either water to sustain their bodies and crops or salt to preserve their food.

Do you answer…

A. Water?


B. Salt?



(Please post a comment with your choice. One vote per person per day please but comment as much as you like=) Voting will end at 8pm Mountain Time tomorrow. Wednesday I’ll post whichever option gets the most votes and we’ll see where the story goes!)

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  1. My day totally got away from me and I just realized I missed the vote!
    I probably woulda gone salt anyway though, and i think that was the winner. (I say salt cause it seems like there’s no way to carry enough water)
    I’ll have to make sure I vote right away tomorrow!

    1. I think that it is because water is such a vital source of life that we don’t want the character to give up something that important.

  2. Still reading but noticed in the first paragraph of instructions “time contraint” , could it be constraint?

    See you soon!

    Love Dad

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