The Eye

This story originally posted in participation with August McLaughlin’s Blog the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest in 2013.


It has now, as of March 2019, been accepted by Z Publishing House to be published with their next Emerging Writers 2019 Anthology. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s available.

25 thoughts on “The Eye”

  1. Great lesson about beauty using a fictional story. I think many women could relate to Alina’s struggles with beauty. I also think that we as women don’t give ourselves enough credit – we are worthy of happiness and being loved. Love it!

    1. My husband’s constantly telling me women don’t realize how beautiful they are. I’m starting to see what he means. We really don’t give ourselves enough credit. Thanks for stopping by=)

  2. Fabulous! I loved Alina’s journey of discovering her own beauty, and the confidence it brought her. Would that there was a perception mirror of that sort in our world. Then again, I suppose there is – my own mirror, and my own change of perspective. A beautiful story.

    1. Yes, I try this every morning. To see the beauty instead of the flaws in the mirror. Some mornings it works, sometimes I have to work at it. Thanks for reading, Ellen. May you see the beauty when you look in your own mirror=)

  3. I love that you took a fiction take on the blog theme, and this bit—LOVE: “I’m beautiful, flaws and all. She’d spent the last month seeing it through other’s eyes and knew it was true.”

    Thanks so much for participating in the fest!

  4. Beautiful, Jen! It took me way too long to accept that I am beautiful, and I have always tried to instill that truth in my kids (boys too!). I love this!!

  5. That was a beautiful story and so well written. Your sister told me to read your blog and I’m pretty sure I am going to get hooked.

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