25 thoughts on “Moonrise Mountain”

  1. I choose option C….Call your husband and your Brother in law Jason, have them bring guns…and kill the Troll….And take the Cave by storm…

  2. Love the Adventure books Jennifer. And thanks for reminding me of them. I had completely forgot about them until reading your post on facebook. Inion & I vote B~Inion is claustrophobic and couldn’t handle the cave and although I think I could handle a troll, I absolutely loathe bats. Great post!

  3. mom’s comment now – since dad already did a vote. Soooooo my vote is for B – head out into the woods and find a good tree to shelter under.

  4. I like to play it safe and smart, so my gut says B. However, I’m much more interested in meeting a troll in this fictional story, so my final vote is for A! (Plus, it tips the voting to a tie. Muhahahahahahaha.)

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