Internal Dialogue, The Ugly Monster

Don’t want to leave the warmth of the sheets.

What cloths should I wear? Comfy? Beautiful? Confident? Not going anywhere today. So Comfy/Beautiful.

Breakfast? Chocolate’s not a good breakfast. Wait ’til after 10am, then chocolate. Tide me over? Ok, cereal.

Aw, yuck! My hair dried frizzy. Put on a hat. No, try a pony tail. Aw, who cares? No one’ll see me today.

Where’d the time go? It’s noon already! I’ll never finish at this rate. Maybe when I’m 100 I’ll finally get the book done. By then it’ll be out of date, old fashioned, maybe even archaic. No one’ll want to read it, it’s soooo dull…

Ever intentionally pay attention to the stream of thought in you head? It’s scary!

Awhile ago I listened to a podcast by Michael Hyatt in which he challenged the listener to be self aware of his or her inner dialogue.

*Scoff* I know what’s in my own head!

But when I slowed down and actually paid attention for the day, I found myself sabotaging my self confidence. Questioning my abilities, my looks, my reasons–everything. It was shocking. No wonder I lack confidence and think I’ll never succeed, I’m always telling myself I never will!

So I’ve grasped this ugly monster by the tail and tried to fling him away. How? By purposefully reminding myself what I’m good at, by catching the negative thoughts and turning them into a more positive perspective.

Instead of focusing on frizzy hair, I focus on styles I like and can learn. Does it take awhile? Yeah, but I expand my possibilities every time I find something I like.

Instead of beating myself upside the head for wasting the morning hours, I remind myself I still have the afternoon and, even if I only write a sentence, I still wrote something for the day!

The ugly monster’s stubborn but the longer I fight it, the better I get at telling it to skedaddle!

So I challenge you today, pay attention to what you tell yourself. What runs through your mind as you walk your day? Write it down if need be. Are you affirming yourself or are you sabotaging yourself? If you’re sabotaging yourself, try writing down the things you do well and remind yourself of these things when you catch the negatives hammering away at your brain.



6 thoughts on “Internal Dialogue, The Ugly Monster”

  1. Jen, I love this post and I never did realize the monster that can trick the mind to think negative thoughts. I will begin being more aware of my thoughts and keeping them positive. Love you! Kat

  2. This goes right along with what I’ve been practicing myself lately! Trying to practice thinking positive, and the more I do it, the easier it gets! Thanks for the encouraging words!!

    1. It’s amazing the difference a few days of positive thinking can make! Keep it up=) I think they say it takes three weeks to develop a habit, this is one I think worth developing.

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