Write Time

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just a short thought today on motivation.

That time right before sleep always seems full of inspiration, like the words crafted in drowsiness are gifted with glibness. However, if those grand thoughts make it to paper before sleep overtakes me, I often find in the morning a mismatch of discongruent words where there should have been genius.

Most of my inspiration comes in a process much slower than a flash of revelation right before sleep. I’ve also found, however, I’m not a predawn morning person. As a friend would say, I’m a prickly porcupine when I wake. So early morning is not my time to write. Obviously, as sleep is drawing me in, also not my time to write.

However, that beginning-of-the-morning sunshine streaming though my window seems full of motivation. The trick is being at my desk by that time. If I manage it, I may well write through the morning and well into the afternoon. The trick, I guess, is finding the time that works and using it to my advantage. Motivation is much harder, elusive really, after noon in my world.

As an aside to this, I found this audio talk by Michael Hyatt very interesting. Encouraging really.


(suggest listening to the podcast over reading it because you get the inflections in his voice, but either way is interesting)

Be intentional about your day=)

Happy Thanksgiving and Many Blessings,


4 thoughts on “Write Time”

  1. I’m glad you wrote this. I struggle with the same thing, but thought it was just me! Mostly, I find the excuse “oh, if I start now I’ll have to stop in the middle,” the one I use the most, and the one that is probably the least likely true. Also listened to Hyatt’s podcast. I’m glad I did!

    1. I’ve found that excuse popping into my head too! “A couple hours isn’t enough time, I’ll just work on it tomorrow.” And then I waste those hours and regret it later. Let’s be intentional with our time!

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