Mystery of the Golden Shells is

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Mystery of the Golden Shells CoverGenre: Mystery/Fantasy Multi-ending Adventure book

Publication: August 15, 2022


One Poisoner.

Three Healing, Golden Shells.

Five Suspects.

All on an island that breathes with wild magic and harbors dangerous creatures.

Usually, you hunt beasts for the King in the untamed Alder forest. Now, you’re tasked with finding a mythical shell to heal the Queen while figuring out which suspect poisoned her in the first place.

Choose wisely, Dear Hunter, for Isbell Island holds its own surprises, and catching the Poisoner will require all your wits.

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Background Stories for Golden Shells:

Discarded Dragons 


Discarded Dragons Front Cover“The story is enchanting and immediately pulled me in—so much so that I quickly found I’d finished almost two whole story paths in a single sitting! Young readers are sure to love this adventure book, as will any fan of steampunk and/or dragons.”
-Naomi L. Amazon Review
“The multiple endings keep you going back to search for something else! My 12 year old sat down and read this in a day, she was entranced!”
-Leslie Amazon Reveiw

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Quaking Soul is Now Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle!


Quaking Soul HardCover

Quaking Soul is the kind of story that can and will appeal to a wide audience. It definitely has something to offer everyone, including a bit of mystery and a bit of romance. Everything about it works really well together and I loved that nothing felt like it came out of left field. The story builds and the characters grow naturally. The world building really shone for me, but everything about it was extremely well-done.”

Kat from the Lily Cafe Book Review

“Overall, Quaking Soul: Hidden Mythics was a fabulous story exploring old rivalries and the power of uniting, in order to survive.
Recommended to: lovers of urban fantasy, mythical beings, and conflicts between such beings and humanity. A true tale of survival, secrets, and forgiveness.”

Ellie from Bookish Beyond Review Blog


Jennifer has finished the rough draft for the Quaking Soul sequel! She is now working on the editing and will update the below progress bar as work progresses. 

HM II Developmental Edit

6% Complete
15,000 of 265,000 words

HM II Stretch Goal

100% Complete
165,000 of 165,000 words