Black Stone Option Aa. Top

The adventure’s back =) Readers voted to explore the top of the steeple for the black stone… while in the company of three child trolls! Here we go…

Black Stone Option Aa. Top


“Top,” you say, “show us to the top of the steeple.”

“You sure,” one child troll asks, “it’s really high up there!”

Your sister gulps but then nods. “Yes, we’re sure.”

“Okay,” they say in unison.

Moments later, teeth brushed and grinning with pride, the three child trolls lead you farther into the cave system. At the end of a narrow hall that made the group walk single file, the trolls open a door to a steep, winding staircase lit by small lanterns hung at even intervals along the wall.

Your sister gulps again but when the green children look back, she smiles in encouragement. You see the apprehension in her eyes but it’s only because of how well you know her.

If these overgrown children decide you’re a better snack then entertainment, they could easily overwhelm you in the narrow space. That’s where your own apprehension resides. Your sister’s however, is more due to her lack of endurance.

Stairs like this could be more than she can handle and passing out, a clear show of weakness, could also change the child trolls’ minds in how helpful they’re being.

The staircase goes up and up and up without any sort of break in the close walls. A faint, cool breeze wafts down the corridor. Without that sign, you might yourself hyperventilate but the fresh air tells you the staircase opens somewhere, so you keep going.

One of the trolls giggles.

“Shhhh,” the one behind you says.

“I can’t help it,” the giggly one says.

“What’s funny?” your sister stops on the stairs, using the excuse to catch her breath. She leans her back against the wall as she gasps.

“We’re being bad,” the third troll says in a conspiratorial voice, not apparently noticing your sister’s distress.

“You’re not supposed to be in here?” you guess.

“Nope,” all three say.

“Why not?”

“The bells will addle our brains,” the giggly troll says. “Never go up the steeple, those bells will turn you to mush.” This last part is said in a deeper voice like the troll’s echoing a parent’s caution.

Your sister looks at you with concern. Leave it to her to care whether the child trolls hurt themselves while helping you.

“When do the bells toll?” you ask.


“What?” your sister exclaims. “That’s moments away.”

“It is?” the children ask, clearly unaware of the time of day.

“We’ve got to help them,” she says.

You hold in a groan but then, looking at three sets of terrified, yellow eyes, you can’t help but share your sister’s concern.

“Here,” you tear your sleeves from your shirt and motion for your sister to do the same. The troll’s shirts don’t have sleeves, so they just stare at you in confusion.

“Stuff this in your ears,” you tell the one behind you.

The troll gives an “Oh, how cool” and shoves the fabric deep into his, or her, you can’t really tell, ears.

You sister shares her sleeves with the giggly troll but the one in front looks at you with scared eyes, realizing there are no sleeves for him.

“Carry me,” your sister tells the troll, “on your back. I’ll cover your ears for you.”

“Fun!” the troll grasps your sister’s waist in large hands and throws her, none too gently, over his shoulder. She gives a surprised ‘eek’ but then scrambles around to sit on the troll’s shoulders.

Then, without hesitation despite the troll’s hairy ears, she stuffs her hands into his ear canals.

bell-1565097You keep from shuddering, just barely, but then the hall fills with a deep, ringing bell toll. It vibrates the walls and you cover your ears as well as the sound reverberates against your ear drums. Your sister hunches her shoulders but doesn’t pull her hands from the troll to cover her own ears.

The ringing continues in varied tones for some time and you all hunch down to simply endure.

When it finally fades, you find yourself covered in a fine sheen of sweat and your hands shake from the prolonged tension.

“Everyone okay?” you ask.

The three trolls take stock and then grin. It’s rather eerie.

“It worked!”

The troll with your sister swings her around and hugs her. Then he swings her back up on his shoulders and starts up the stairs again. The young trolls chatter in excitement the rest of the way up the stairs, thrilled by their survival of the bells.

At the top of the stairs, they swing a door open and there the giant bells hang.

“Wow,” they say in unison.

“Wow indeed,” says a new, raspy voice.

You all spin to find an old, hunched troll leaning against the wall. Chains on his ankles, wrists and throat hold the troll within a few feet of the stone.

Just beyond him stands a man of medium build. He’s in the process of winding up the length of a long whip.

“You should not be up here,” the man says and lets the whip fall loose again.

“No,” the child trolls place themselves between you and the man, protecting you.

The old, gnarled troll snorts.

The man hesitates. “You protect the humans?”

The child trolls stand a bit taller as way of answer.

“You vouch for these trolls?” the man asks your sister, who still sits on the troll’s shoulders. “Keep in mind, you’ll bear their fate if you throw in with them.”

She glances at you but you, just like her, have no idea what ‘fate’ the man speaks of.

Troll fates are never good in stories and you hesitate to condemn your sister to something horrible. At the same time, these young trolls have been perfect hosts and you’re the one who got them into this situation. You could tell them all to run and hope they’re faster than the man with the whip.


Aa1: Yes?


Aa2: Run?

Vote in the comments of how you’d like to continue. Thursday we’ll see how this adventure ends!



Black Stone Option A. Investigate

Welcome back to the adventure! You’re in search of a black stone to cure you sister’s eyes. Let’s see what happens next.

Black Stone Option A. Investigate

the-sunset-1366241Considering the position of the sun on the horizon, making it to the towers could be tight before sunset. The keening sound, however, is definitely close enough for you to get to before dusk arrives.

“Let’s see what the sound is,” you say.

“Awesome!” Your sister takes off toward the cliffs at a run.

You follow at a walk and catch up with her once she keels over, out of breath.

“Little excited?” you tease.

She grunts and sticks her tongue out at you. Then she points to a smaller cave just ahead. “Think the sound’s coming from there.”

“Let’s explore cautiously,” you encourage.

She sticks her tongue out again but follows behind when you approach the cave.

The sound, now that you’re closer, howls with a deep, hollow bellow that makes your ears ring.

You peek inside but it’s dark enough that you can’t make out more than five feet beyond the entrance. It seems empty. You give your sister a shushing gesture to encourage soft steps and then move inside, staying to the wall with your back.

Sand continues to squish up around your sandals as you walk and the cool wall of the cave seeps moisture through your clothes but by now you can see nothing. Your sister slips her hand into yours and follows behind.

The keening grows louder.

cavern-1333909The wall behind you drops away and a quick search shows you that you’ve entered a cavern. The keening echoes and you’re sure, after a moment, that you’re in the room it’s originating from.

You stand still until your eyes adjust a bit and you make out three shapes standing in the middle of the cavern.

They’re not big enough to be full grown trolls. In fact, they’re no taller than you but they’re bulkier in the shoulders.

From the ceiling, wind howls down an open shaft. It’s this shaft that gives just enough light for you to make out the figures in the cavern.

As the wind grows in intensity, one of the figures throws its head back and lets out a deep, throaty keening that matches the wind.

A second figure joins the first, but in a lower timbre.

Then the third joins them in a lilting, howling melody above their keening. It’s haunting. Shivers make you shudder and your sister huddles against your side.

“Are they singing?” she whispers.

The three figures stop, leaving the wind alone with its howl. They move at once, without speaking or looking over at you. Next thing you know, you’re surrounded and they’re breathing heavy, fishy breath into your hair.

Light flares as one sparks a flint onto a torch.

They’re bald headed, green skinned and yellow eyed. And they’re kids.

“Oh, look, a snack!” one says and pokes at your shoulder.

“Only if you brush your teeth first,” your sister says back.

“Whoa, look at her eyes.”

They all crouch close to see your sister’s red eyes. She stares back at them without a hint of fear.

“Teeth,” she says, “I’m serious. You’ve got something stuck in between your two front teeth and from my point of view, it’s molding. GO. BRUSH. YOUR. TEETH!”

They jump and say, “Yes, Ma’am,” all at the same time.

A slight smile pulls at your sister’s lips. “Then show us to the steeple.”

They all pause.

“To the top of it or bottom of it?” one asks.

Your sister, for the first time, looks uncertainly at you.


Aa. Top?


Ab. Bottom?

Vote in the comments for how you’d like to continue and we’ll continue the adventure on Tuesday.

Until then, blessings,


Black Stone

Welcome to this week’s adventure. Readers expressed a desire for the next phase in the Chalice adventure, so this is it =)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Chalice adventure, you can read it here. Or, just know that you ventured into a cave to find the cure for your sister’s albino skin. Inside, you not only found the cure, but a cave system full of drakes holding a dragon captive. In helping the dragon, she rewarded you with a story about a stone that might cure your sister’s red eyes.

So here we go…

Black Stone

Valley walls rise on your right and left. When you entered the valley, plant life drooped all around with with mostly grand fir boughs and old man’sblack-sand-beach-hawaii-1180066 moss. Now, it’s thinned and the lower trunks of the trees are scrapped bare by wind and salt.

Ahead, the valley opens and you can hear the roar of ocean waves funneled by the valley’s walls. Your chest tightens as you spot the thing that tells you you’re in the right place.

“She didn’t lie,” you sister says beside you. Her breath heaves through her throat but not once has she complained on your travels.

Not more than a month before her skin was a translucent white and she hid in the house because others feared her. Now, she boasts healthy skin but the cure that helped her skin did not touch her eyes. She stares at you from bright red, wide eyes.

“The dragon didn’t lie,” you agree.

You ventured into the caves that held the chalice to cure your sister’s skin and found it full of drakes, and one magnificent dragon. In helping the dragon free herself of the drakes, you earned her trust, and the tale of a stone that might heal your sister’s eyes.

You and your sister turn to stare at the ocean beating at the shore.

“The stone’s kept by the western trolls. They live at the mouth of the Emerald Valley, on the obsidian beaches of Adversity Bay.”

The sand on the beach rolls with the press of the waves, a black and shimmery mass beneath the sun.

“It’s beautiful,” you sister says. Her breathing is now under control but as soon as you start moving again, she’ll be huffing. She’s hidden for so long inside that any exercise taxes her.

“Beautiful and dangerous,” you remind her.

“Are trolls as mean as they say?”

She’s asked this before and you’ve assured her that, yes, trolls are ugly, vicious beasts, but she somehow doesn’t seem to believe you. Even with the way people tend to treat her, she always sees the good in others. You wonder if she’ll find good in trolls too.

“They eat people,” you say. Best to keep it simple and straight to the point now that you’re faced with the troll’s home.

“Oh,” she says. Her eyes still shine with awe, though, at the obsidian beach. “For such mean creatures, they sure pick a pretty place to live.”

You just shake your head and start forward again. Her heavy breathe follows behind. As you step onto the sand, it squishes up around your sandals. You sister giggles.

“The dragon said to look for the steeple. See anything that resembles a steeple?” you ask. Your perspective, now that you’re on the beach, has changed. You can see the vast expanse of black sand and the cliffs lining the beach. The cliffs are pocked with darker holes. Caves for the trolls to live in.

You sister looks right and left too in search of a steeple.

“That kind of looks like a tower,” she points to the north. “Maybe that’s the steeple.”

The cliffs rise into several tall spires far on the horizon.

“Good a place as any to look,” you say. “But we’ll have to hurry.”

You both look to the sky. Trolls hate sunlight, which gives you maybe another hour and a half before they appear on the beach after sunset.

“All right,” your sister says and heads off up the beach, leaving small footprints in the sand. Moments later, the waves wash those prints away.

black-stone-2-1477905“She said the stone’s black too?” she asks over her shoulder.

“Yeah,” you answer and hurry to catch up.

“Think they’ll make my eyes black?”


She stops and you almost collide with her.

“Hear that?”

You listen and pick up a high-pitched keening coming from a cave farther up the beach.

“Should we investigate?” your sister’s eyes gleam with excitement. This whole trip has been like that. Every new experience lights her eyes up like a child’s.

You’ve got to be out of sight before dusk.

So, do you…

A. Investigate?


B. Head to the towers?

In the comments, please vote for how you’d like to proceed. We’ll continue the adventure on Thursdays.

Until then, blessings,


Chalice 2

I started two new adventures for this week, got about 200 words into the opening of each story, and then just stared at the page with a blank mind. This doesn’t happen very often but I figured, instead of giving you an adventure that meandered because I had no direction for it, we could explore an old adventure and see what new ending it brings.

So here we are, looking for a Chalice in a cave with drakes. =)

Chalice 2

forest-and-fog-1406291If the fog’s dense white mass didn’t obscure everything but the five-foot circle around you, you might have found the cave sooner. As it is, though, you find it only because you hear the soft roar of the water falls inside, echoing out of the cave’s mouth like a deep exhale of breath.

You approach the shhh-haaa of water falling on soft feet. Sound carries all too easily in the valley and you’re not the only thing out and about. You breathe heavy air and wish for the kiss of wind. There is none. Drops of water bead on your cheeks like the fog’s shedding on you, cold and clammy, but you ignore the discomfort.

A dark shape looms ahead in the otherwise unbroken gray. A few more steps and you see it’s the cave. Inside hides the Chalice, a cup of solid crystal that, according to legend, lends the drinker perfect skin. In normal circumstances, its very uniqueness would make it valued by treasure hunters.

However, your purposes are far more personal than money. Back in the village waits your little sister. She hides in her room, nursing her bruises from a few days earlier when she tried to venture a trip to the store and was beaten for looking like a monster.

Even being her sibling doesn’t keep you from shuddering sometimes when she’s not looking. She lacks color, completely. Which makes her eyes, slightly tinted red, all the more disturbing. But she never complains, never yells at you for looking normal, never stops making your breakfast or folding your clothes simply because she can and she knows you’re out working to support her because no one will hire her.

If anyone deserves better, it’s her. When the traveling tinker mentioned the chalice when he saw her, you listened. This isn’t the first time you’ve gone on a wild chase in hopes of helping your sister, but this might be the most dangerous.

The Chalice is protected, the tinker warned, by creatures known as drakes. They hide in the fog and you never hear them coming, or so the tales told. What truly caught your attention about the tinker’s story, though, was that you recognized the valley it described.

As you step into the dark cave, you try not to imagine the drakes tracking you into the confined space. Being caught in the rocky tunnels when one breathes gouts of flame isn’t exactly your ideal way to go.

You trail your fingers along the rough wall. The air smells stale and musty and the ground squishes like moss beneath your feet. You don’t light a torch even though you brought one. With the fog and the otherwise solid dark, a torch would stand out like a beacon to anything around.

Your fingertips hit empty space. The wall falls away, not naturally, but as though someone cut it with a knife. Upon further exploration, you find the wall turns a sharp corner and becomes perfectly smooth beneath your touch.

You continue on and the ground goes from soft and squishy to hard and flat. A burnt smell singes the back of your nostrils. It feels similar to if you inhaled the heavy smoke from a campfire. You swallow and keep a cough from escaping your throat.

The smooth wall ends and, just ahead, you feel a wooden door. You find the handle but hesitate before opening it. Faintly, just under the door, there glows a bluish light.

the-lighted-door-1464933Finally, with a steadying breath, you turn the knob and push the door inward.

The blue light makes you squint but you’ve no idea where it’s coming from. It simply lights up the stairs beyond the door.

Stairs leading upward on the right and downward on the left. The upward direction has the word Falls above it. The downward direction has the word Water.

According to the tinker’s story, the Chalice collects the water from the cave’s river, but the story’s not specific as to how this works.

Do you go…

A. Up?


B. Down?

Chalice Option B: Down

Without anything more to guide you, you shrug and decide to head down the stairs.the-lighted-door-1464933

The farther you go, the quieter the roar of the waterfall becomes. You figure you’re getting farther away from it until you come to the bottom of the stairs and find yourself facing one of the most intimidating metal doors you’ve ever seen.

Heavy bands of iron cross the door and a lock bigger than your fist holds it closed.

You step closer and kneel down to peer through the lock, hoping to get an idea of what’s on the other side.

You come eye to eye with a large blue iris. It blinks and you hear the heavy click of the scaled lid moving.

“Stay away!” Comes a shout from the other side of the door. Oddly enough, the tone doesn’t sound threatening. It sounds more pleading with a high squeak at the end like the words are half question.

“Why?” you ask.

“What?” comes the startled reply. This time you can tell it’s female.

“Why ‘stay away’? You sound scared.”

A huff rattles the door and you take a shocked step backwards.

“Stupid. Stupid. Stu…” The voice fades like the person’s walking away, then it comes back, making you jump with its sudden, “Stay away!” A moment later, in complete contradiction to the shout, the lock on the door moves with a deep grating.

You hold perfectly still as the door swings inward a smidge and you see in the crack that blue eye looking out. You can also see a large, scaled snout.

She’s too big to be a drake. Could this be an actual dragon?

“Why aren’t you running?” she asks. “I said stay away.”

You shrug, for some reason not feeling your flight instinct kicking in. “Stupidity?” you say.

There’s a long, drawn out pause, as she eyes you more closely. Then, “well, if you’re going to be stupid, get in here,” she swings the door open.

Still, your flight instinct isn’t reacting. Has she beguiled you somehow? You don’t feel beguiled but then, what does being beguiled feel like? You shrug again and step through the door.

Her tail swings it closed behind you and you find yourself in a cavern beneath a gigantic waterfall. Below the waterfall to your right sits a lake. It glows with the same blue as the walls of the stairwell.

blue-dragon-1578149But what really holds your attention is the dragon. She’s also blue, shimmering like the waters of the lake.

“You’re here for the chalice,” she says. It’s not a question but you nod anyway.

“For my sister,” you explain.

“Than you chose the wrong direction,” she says, “the chalice sits on the edge of the falls.” She nods upward toward the top of the waterfall. “Or you chose the right one,” she continues on, musing, “cause the drakes kill anyone who heads up the stairs.”

“What about you?” you ask, confused by her.

“Me? I’m their treasure. I’m the one who makes the chalice work, a water dragon. I lend the water in the chalice healing abilities. But the drakes keep me away from the chalice, so really, there isn’t a right direction.”

“You’ve got to touch the water in the Chalice? Or can it be any cup?” you ask, trying to understand.

“It’s got to be crystal. But the drakes will kill you anyway, when you try to leave.”

“Why do you let them?”

She laughs. It shakes the walls of the cavern. “I keep them out of here only by the door. But they won’t let me leave the cave. There are just too many of them for me to fight.”

This sparks an idea for you. It’s foolish but then, you’re already in a bad situation. “What if I can help you? Can you help me with the Chalice?”

“How?” For the first time you feel a little scared of her as her eyes narrow and she lowers her head to your height. Her teeth are as long as your forearms.

“You help me get the chalice and I’ll draw the drakes away so you can reclaim the cave.”

She thinks about this while clicking her claws on the floor. Each tap grates at your nerves.

“We can climb the falls or try the stairs,” she finally says. “Which way, stupid human, would you like to try?”

Bb. The Falls?


Bc. The Stairs?

Chalice Option Bb: The Falls

You glance between the falls and the door, considering the two options the dragon proposed.

blue-dragon-1578149Then you consider her blue, iridescent scales. She’s a water dragon. One of those rare creatures that is able to manipulate one element to her wishes.

“Falls,” you decide.

“Ah,” the dragon sighs in a long exhale that sounds like relief. “Maybe not so stupid after all. Climb on.” And she lowers herself beside you. Even with her laying flat on the stone floor, her sides rise like the rough cliffs around your home.

“Um,” you say.

She chuckles and extends one clawed paw for you to use as a step.

“Thank you,” you give a slight bow. Being allowed to climb onto a dragon is a high honor and you’d prefer not to offend her.

Once you’re firmly settled between two spikes at the back of her head, she stands.

“Hold tight, human,” she instructs, and then she dives into the water at the base of the falls.

You’ve just enough time to wrap your arms around the spike in front of you before the force of the water hits you across the face. It throws your weight backwards and your spine hits the spike at your back. Thankfully, the spike’s taller than your are, so you miss the sharp point.

Then the dragon enters the falls. She doesn’t touch the stone wall behind the cascade but simply swims upward much like a dolphin would move. Water pours over you in a relentless deluge but you’re making headway. You tuck your face against your arm and take shallow breaths. You still inhale water but it’s like you’re standing in a heavy rain where water mixes with air.

The dragon stops moving. There’s so much water that you can’t tell why. Long claws surround you and you’re lifted upward. Your head breaks the surface and you realize several things all at once. One, the dragon’s treading water just below the break of the falls. Two, she’s holding you up, over the edge of the falls and directly in front of you in the water sits a crystal cup. And lastly, there are several sets of bright red, drake eyes focused on you, startled by your sudden appearance.

You grab the cup and tap her claws, trying to tell her you’ve got it.

The drakes shriek and one huffs spouts of flame like he’s warming up to a bigger exhale. Just before he lets loose a jet of flame that singes your hair, the dragon pulls you down, cradles you to her chest and pivots into a dive.

Your stomach does summersaults that still haven’t settled by the time she exits the water onto the shore of her cave.

Above you both the drakes peer over the waterfalls, shrieking and pacing as they watch you.

“The chalice, please,” the dragon holds out her paw.

crystal-goblet-287758-mYou pass the cup and realize, once it’s in her grasp, that you just had the chalice in your hands.

The dragon rumbles low in her throat in what you fear is a laugh but then, instead of laughing, she spits into the tiny bowl of the chalice.

“There,” she says, “You must get this to your sister for her to drink. The chalice will disappear as soon as she does, so be sure she’s the one to use it. But,” she holds the cup high, away from your grasp, “before I hand it over, what do you propose to do about the drakes?”

Perhaps you can draw the drakes away from the cave by yelling at them and having them chase you. That could give the dragon enough time to leave her chamber and take over the entire cave system.

Or you could set up some sort of trap for the drakes. Something that might give the dragon better control over them.

Do you…

Bb1: Yell and Run?


Bb2: Set a Trap?

Chalice Option Bb2: Draw the Drakes into a Trap

You’re a fast runner but in your brief glimpse of the drakes at the top of the falls, you saw a lot of angry creatures and you’re not sure you’ve the stamina to run from them all.

“If we trap the drakes somehow, that would give you better control of your home,” you comment.

The dragon nods and lowers her head while you pace in front of her.

“I’ve an idea,” you say, “but it requires you to be bait.”

“Let’s hear it,” the dragon says and so you explain your idea.


You take a deep breath and set the stack of firewood ablaze. For the last hour you and the dragon have worked to set everything

Photo courtesy of Sebring's Snapshots

Photo courtesy of Sebring’s Snapshots

up for a bonfire, now your work pays off as the flames lick high into the air and light the ceiling of the chamber in a dance of shadows.

Long snouted faces start to appear over the edge of the waterfall above. Red eyes blink in surprise and malice as they take in you mocking the dragon, who you’ve got trussed up on the floor beside the fire.

“Stupid dragon,” you say, “thought you could steal the chalice from me!”

She struggles against the ropes and growls but you’ve wrapped the rope around her snout several times and she can’t voice her protests.

On the far side of her the heavy door into the chamber stands ajar. You turn your back to the dragon, and that door, and keep mocking her over your shoulder as you face the fire.

There are several hisses from above but when you glance at the falls, you notice all those watching eyes are gone.

“Maybe I’ll take a tooth as a trophy,” you keep talking.

One drake slides through the door and follows the outside wall to skirt around you. Ugly, jagged teeth drip with saliva as the drake drools over his new prey.

Another follows behind him and heads the other way against the far wall.

“Or maybe a claw. A claw would be a fine trophy,” you say and glance back at the dragon.

The third and fourth drakes freeze at your glance but then you look back to the fire and keep up your tirade at the dragon.

Sweat builds on your palms as you refuse to glance back again. You don’t want to hint the drakes in to the fact that you’re purposefully not seeing them.

So you wait for the dragon’s signal that all of them are through the door.

But you can feel their eyes watching and tension builds in your neck and shoulders.

Movement catches at the corners of your eyes as you ramble on and wait for the dragon. She guessed there was enough room for the drakes to squeeze into the cavern but it was a guess and now you’re wondering if her estimate was wrong. Will the drakes be able to completely surround you?

Then you hear a solid thump against the floor. Only a fraction of a second later, large claws surround your middle and you’re lifted into the air.

The dragon bolts for the open door.

Two drakes are close to it and they scramble to close the heavy metal before she can escape. She spits at them.

The blue globs strike the drakes squarely on their torsos and immediately their skin begins to boil like it’s acid. They shriek and drop just as the dragon, with you in tow, flees through the door.

She drops you none too gently, spins and pulls the door closed seconds before there’s a boom from the far side as several drakes throw themselves at the closing door.

But now she’s got it closed and she spits into the lock. It melts before your eyes into a glob of misshapen metal.

The dragon laughs and the sound rattles the walls.

water-drops-782811-m“Thank you, stupid human,” she says and spits into the chalice. Then she hands it over almost negligently.

You glance at her spit in the bottom.

“It won’t melt my sister?” you ask, eyeing the lock on the door.

“Oh no,” she answers, “it will help her skin. It works differently on humans than on metal and drakes. But it won’t work on anything else that might be wrong.” This last bit seems to trouble the dragon.

You picture your sister with her almost translucent skin. She’ll cry for joy if this helps her. With that thought, you picture her red eyes. The chalice won’t help that.

“She’s got red eyes,” you mutter, saddened to realize you’ve only half succeeded.

“There’s a stone,” the dragon says, “in a valley to the east. If it’s placed on her eyes, it will heal them.”

You ask more details and she fills you in on the trolls guarding the stone. The details are daunting but, considering where you stand, you figure it’s a challenge for the next day.

“Thank you,” you tell the dragon and head out to heal your sister. Maybe with her skin healed, she can work with you to find the stone.

The End

Yay! Well done on this adventure everyone! I was sure for a while you’d find a death ending, but you’re apparently good at avoiding them anymore. Perhaps I need to get more crafty in my writing. (Mu-ha-ha-ha) Ok, evil laugh done.

Hope to see you at the next adventure starting on the 18th.

Until then, blessings and have an amazing weekend,


Prince’s Game Option Aa1: River

This adventure could definitely be longer! Once I got into writing the posts, I realized there could be a lot more places for the reader to make a choice. Perhaps I’ll expand it for the next run through, but for now, please forgive how long these last few posts have turned out.

Now on to the end of the adventure!

Prince’s Game Option Aa1: River

cathedral-1309351The back of the Cathedral juts up against the riverbank. Although you’ll have to wait for a boat to pass by, it’ll probably be faster than tracking down a carriage.

“River,” you tell the group.

Before the others notice your gathered group, Grandma, Red and Glasses shuffle toward the side door like the grandkids just took Grandma to visit the Cathedral. Glasses holds her free arm and points out the different statues while Grandma uses the cane to move forward. Red rushes ahead and holds the door open for them.

You and Rapier kneel down between two pews and wait for them to make their exit before you stand and move to leave as well.

“Hey you,” calls a haughtily dressed lady from the other group. “You notice a group of five in here recently?”

Rapier glances over.

“Well,” you consider, “it’s been pretty quiet.”

Rapier nods, “quiet.” He agrees.

The woman gives an ‘ugh’ like you’re simple and saunters off.

You make a quick exit and find the others already waiting on the dock jutting out from the riverbank. They’ve got a boat waiting and, to your surprise, Rapier digs in his pocket and pays the fair without even asking the boatman the amount.

The bald boatman glances at the money, nods and pushes off from the dock.

“Been to this fencing area before?” you ask Rapier.

He grunts, which might mean yes.

The boat coasts through the rest of the city and then exits the city walls without fanfare. Not long after, the boatman angles the vessel toward the shore and it bumps softly onto the sandy beach that’s next to the dueling field.

Rapier gives him a polite salute in thanks and you all disembark over the side.

“I’m not much use here,” Grandma mutters as you all take in the fencing field. It’s a patch of green surrounded by willows. On the far side of the patch stands a man with his sword drawn and the point stuck in the ground. He leans on the hilt while watching you. Behind him, you can just make out the hilt of another sword stuck in the ground.

“This is my part,” Rapier mutters. “He guards the sword.”

“All the time?” Glasses asks.

“Never seen him leave,” Rapier answers over his shoulder as he approaches the waiting man.

“Back again?” the man calls.

sword-1420556Instead of verbally answering, Rapier bows and pulls his own sword.

“Hey,” Red rushes up to your teammate and whispers in his ear, then he backs away again.

“What was that?” Glasses asks when he rejoins you.

“The guard use to be a Rat member,” Red whispers. “He’s got a weak left knee.”

Again, you wonder what kind of interaction Red’s had with the Rats but then you forget the question as Rapier and the guard face off.

In your short time with Rapier, you never noticed how graceful he moves, but now on the dueling field, he becomes a dancer.

You’ve never seen the like.

Except, the guard’s just as graceful.

Grandma grunts when Rapier misses a step. She sighs when he regains his balance and presses the attack again.

It’s Glasses who cries out softly when he barely parries a series of swift strokes. Then, so quickly you miss his actual steps, he turns and attacks the guard’s left side.

The man tries to respond but the move’s too much and his knee buckles.

In moments, he’s kneeling with Rapier’s sword at his throat.

“Wow,” Red says.

The same sentiment runs through your own mind.

“Our sword,” Rapier nods to the weapon stuck in the ground.

While he holds the guard, you pull the sword and return to the group.

On the hilt spirals a deep purple, silk ribbon.

“That’s the Princess’ color,” Grandma fingers the fabric.

“Doesn’t she always wear two?” you ask.

Grandma nods. “We need the second ribbon.”

It’s then you realize that, to get to the castle, you’ll have to retrace your steps back into the city. You wrap the sword in cloth and tuck it into your belt.

“How do we get back?” you ask Rapier.

“Boat can take us back to the Cathedral but we’ll have to walk from there.”row-in-sunset-1553775

So you wait for a boat and then head back.

At the Cathedral, you head toward Under Town again because Grandma assures you she can get you all to the part of Under Town just outside the Castle.

The lid’s half off the hole into Under Town when you hear a muffled scream and look up from lifting it with Rapier to see two man hauling Red farther down the alley. They turn a corner and disappear.

“Rat Gang,” you say and drop the cover to race after them.

Rapier heads the other way to cut them off.

You reach the next turn and race down the street but you meet Rapier at the next corner. Neither one of you saw Red or the two men.


You search until dawn and realize the game has been lost. But more disturbing to all of you is the disappearance of Red. You determine after a brief break that it’s unthinkable not to find the boy. You bane together to free him from the Rat gang, no matter how long that might take.

The End

Thanks for participating in this adventure!

The next one will start on the 27th, so until then, blessings,


Prince’s Game Option Aa: Under Town

Readers voted to explore the under side of the city in hopes of avoiding Rat territory. Let’s see if this choice awards you the cane you need in the Prince’s game.

Aa. Under Town?

Grandmother suggested Under Town, so you trust she can handle the stresses of climbing. With any luck, you’ll avoid the Rat gang all together.

“Under Town it is,” you nod to Grandmother.

Red breaths a giant sigh and his freckles fade a bit as his color returns. Whatever interaction he’s had with the Rats, it can’t be good.

“There’s an entrance to Under Town here,” you point to a road on the map. It’s in front of the library, “and here,” a spot just risk-1425796outside of the city baths.

“That one,” Glasses points at the library, “we can’t access. There’s a giant book fair and the entire street’s blocked off.”

“All right,” you fold up the map, “to the baths.”


Grandmother’s a trooper but her eyesight must be poor as well as her back. She shuffles cautiously along, swinging her head side to side instead of craning her neck to look straight up.

Eventually, you thread her hand around your arm and guide her along.

Glasses takes her other side and Rapier takes the lead ahead.

Red trails behind, getting more nervous the closer you get to Rat territory.

The bath’s domed roof finally comes into sight with steam trailing out the open doors of the building.

“Almost there,” you encourage.

“I won’t be such a burden once we get to Under Town,” Grandma squeezes your arm.

“We’ll make it,” you tell her.

She flashes you a broken toothed grin and sighs as you stop over the manhole cover leading into Under Town.

You and Rapier lift it free and then he disappears into the darkness below.

“It’s dark,” he hollers back up.

“Not to worry,” Grandma yells back, “I know the way.”

Glasses gives her a confused frown but by now, you’re starting to think Grandma’s got something up her sleeve, so you’re willing to wait to see what she does.

The group lowers themselves into the darkness. When your feet touch bottom, they make a slight splash. Being below the baths, the water’s heated and it warms the soles of your boots.

“All right, Grandma,” you say. It’s completely dark, so you can’t look directly at her. “Lead the way.”

“With pleasure,” she says and she splashes a few steps away. Then she slaps her palm against the tunnel in a rhythmic pat-papap-pat-papap.

“What is this,” Rapier gripes as Grandma continues without a break in the sound for several moments.

“Shhh,” you say because you catch a different sound. Not a splash, exactly, but a subtle swish like a reptile entering a lake. And it’s rhythmic in a way that mimics Grandma’s palm.

Then she stops and the group’s breathing fills the silence.

“Don’t speak,” Grandma whispers. “Just climb on and let them take us to the Cathedral.”


You smack Rapier, who you located earlier by the sound of his voice, in the stomach and his spoken, and loud, question breaks off in a grunt.

“Just ride,” you whisper and nudge him toward the thing you felt touch your leg. You’ve heard of these creatures. People mistake them for reptiles living in the sewers. Alligators or something but no one you’ve spoken to has actually seen one. Some say they’ll eat you alive, others say they befriend those in desperate need. But to find someone who actually knows them, can call them, is rare indeed.

You climb onto a scaled back and the creature starts running. The water’s too shallow for it to swim but the motion’s just as smooth. In the dark, you grip a spike on the creature’s neck. It’s smooth and curved.

Red giggles and your creature shudders as though the sound runs through it. Perhaps it does. Grandma’s slapping wasn’t loud, so perhaps the creatures pick up vibrations.

After a time the running slows and then stops. You slide off and your boots splash onto the floor.

“All here?” Grandma questions.

There are four affirmative replies.

“That was awesome!” Red exclaims while you find the ladder to take you up to the surface.

“Grandma’s got some useful secrets,” she chuckles.

“Indeed,” Rapier mutters but his tone is disturbed.

cathedral-1309351Upon reaching the surface, you find yourselves in the alley beside the Cathedral with its tall spires and buttresses obscuring the sky.

The others follow you inside and then span out as you check the alcoves for Mother Sanchez’ cane.

Finally, Glasses gives a soft call that she’s located it and you converge on her.

In the girl’s hand is a twisted piece of oak with a rubber stopper on the end. Without the need to discuss it, the girl hands the cane to Grandma, who leans on it in relief.

“Note?” you ask.

Glasses hands over a tiny piece of paper. It’s a map with the river circled at a spot just outside the city wall.

“That’s the dueling grounds,” Rapier says. “There’s a sword there, stuck in the ground to mark the place. Do we take the river to get there or catch a carriage?”

They all look at you again. Both options require money. You run some quick math but before you finish a noise distracts you.

A small group of people just entered the Cathedral.

“The other team,” Red whispers.

It’s definitely time to go, so do you pick…

Aa1: River?


Aa2: Carriage?

Grandma’s certainly resourceful! You’ve succeeded in the first part of the game. Now how would you like to proceed?

Blessings and see you Thursday for the end of the adventure,


Prince’s Game Option A: Address Him Directly

It’s so good to see everyone for this adventure! We’re being bold in this next part and addressing the Prince directly. Hopefully he doesn’t get mad!

Prince’s Game Option A: Address Him Directly

The hazel eyed proxy waits, holding you with an unsettlingly steady stare.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” you apologize with a bow of your head. When you look up, you shift your gaze to the younger man, “I don’t know this game but I certainly can learn it.”

red-roses-1410101You bow deeper and lower your eyes from the Prince’s.

The man standing beside you gives a strangled grunt.

“Noon today,” the Proxy tells you. “Be at the fountain in Central Square.”

Then they pass and your heart beats so hard you think it might break a rib.

“How’d you know?” the man beside you whispers.

“Roses,” you mutter.



The Central Square bustles, giving off smells of roasting meat, fresh peaches and human sweat.

You sit cross-legged on the fountain, eating your lunch of meat, cheese and grapes while you watch people hurrying about their day. You’re early but the knot in your stomach makes you wish you didn’t have to wait so long for the Prince’s men to show up. Your lunch doesn’t want to settle.

The press of people adds to the warmth in the square and, since it rained the night before, there’s a heaviness that beads sweat on your skin.

You finish your grapes and tuck the bag you brought them in into your pocket. It bulges out the hip of your dress pants but you refused to change before coming, so now you have to deal with the slight oddity.

The clatter of hooves on the cobblestones draws your eye and you see the Prince’s proxy enter the square on his horse.

“All but those picked, leave the square,” he bellows.

It’s a scurry of frantic motion. Carts get packed up and closed, smaller vendors toss their bobbles into baskets and packs and hustle away.

Before five minutes is out, the Square stands quiet with just you and four others who must have stood in line that morning with you.

You all gather around as the proxy dismounts.

“Welcome,” he says. “Look around, because this is your team. You either make it with your team or you lose.”

You glance around, finding an older woman so hunched she has to strain to look up at the proxy, a boy maybe ten years old with bright red hair and freckles, a man sporting a rapier and high leather boots so caked in mud you can’t tell if they’re died black or just stained that way, and a girl with glasses and a small bag over her shoulder with the spine of a book sticking out of the top.

Once he’s sure you’ve taken each other’s measure, the proxy unfolds a map and places it on the ground.

“The goal,” he tells you all, “is to make it, with everyone of your team, to the castle courtyard by tonight. The challenge is you must arrive with three objects before the other team,” he gives a dark look as you all mutter in dismay. “Your first object is Mother Sanchez’ cane. There will be a note at the cathedral telling you the second object. I suggest you get moving.”

risk-1425796With that, he backs away from the map and mounts his horse. Then he’s gone and you’re left with your team.

No one move for a long, silent moment.

“All right,” you break the silence and kneel by the map. “We’re here at the Square. The cane’s in the Cathedral on the west side of the city—“

“That’s on the other side of Rat territory,” the red haired boy mutters and backs away a step.

“What?” the girl in glasses asks.

“Rat territory,” Rapier says, “it’s gang territory. We walk in a group through there, we’ll get our throats slit.”

“There’s another way,” Grandmother croaks. “Under the streets.”

“Can you make it?” you ask her. “Under the streets requires several ladders.”

She grins a crooked and broken smile. “I can get anywhere I need with enough time.”

“Time,” you agree, “it might be faster if we bribed our way through. The Rats are greedy.”

“How much would that cost?” Rapier asks.

“For five of us,” you run the numbers, “maybe two silvers.”

“What should we do?” Glasses asks.

They all end up looking at you.

So is it…

Aa. Under Town?


Ab. Bribe?

Vote in the comments and we’ll continue the adventure on Tuesday.

Until then, blessings,