Discarded Dragons

An Adventure Story
(Slated to be Published September 2021)

Discarded Dragons - Professional Editing Stage
61% Complete
110 of 180 words

  • Outline, Rough Draft, Personal edit, and Beta edit: Finished
  • As of May 7th, the manuscript is back with the editor for round 2 of professional edits. 
  • Illustrations: 22/24 done (These are turning out amazing! I can’t wait to share.)
  • (Check back for regular updates)


Quaking Soul is Now Available in Paperback, Hardcover, or Kindle!Quaking Soul 3D Cover

Whether you like reading on an electronic device or you prefer a physical copy, we’ve got you covered. The Kindle version of Quaking Soul is now available on Amazon. The Hardcover and paperback is available here on the website or on Amazon as well. 

Hidden Mythics II Outline
15% Complete
1,800 of 12,000 words