Giant Town Option Bb1: Free Alexander

Thanks for stopping by for the finish to the adventure.

Reader’s vote was unanimous to free poor Alexander from his prison. Let’s read on and see how Alexander repays your kindness.

Giant Town Option Bb1: Free Alexander

The walkway is lit by the walls themselves. They give off a hot and dry air and it makes you realize the vent was warm and moist because it must pull moisture from the city to keep the lights working. You’re not sure about the mechanics but the light is soft, not like flame but like the walls themselves are glowing with a bluish light that swirls. Makes you think of being surrounded by walls of water instead of stone.

You step outside the door and peer over the side of the walkway railing. Raylaylin appears far below you through the telescope of the walkway that spirals downward around the outside of an open shaft. The mere space involved makes your head spin.

Stepping back, you realize, even if you do go it alone, you’re without a rope and down one anchor. The likelihood of getting into the giant’s treasure room is slim without the rope in particular.

Plus, you kind of like Alexander. He’s been straightforward with you so far. You head to the right to free your giant accomplice. The room beyond the door is dark so, to help you see, you leave the door open but as soon as you cross the threshold, there’s a whoosh and the room lights up like the walls.

Someone shouts from below. It echoes off the walls and reaches your ears as a distorted “iiitttt”.

They’ve spotted you.

You try to lock the door behind you but there’s no lock. Turning to find the lever to free Alexander, you hesitate. There are lots of levers, and no one saw fit to label them.

Reaching a tentative hand toward a black lever, your fingers close around it.

“Sewer drainage system.” Says the voice. That voice that greeted you in deep tones at the door. Thankfully it doesn’t shake the ground here.

You move to the next lever.

“Ceiling air.”

Next lever.

“First cell.”

You don’t know which cell Alexander is in. You pull the lever just as the door behind you opens.

“STOP THIEF!” This is not the city talking.

You pull the next lever and go for a third but a strong hand grabs your wrist and forces you around to face an old man. The same old man who’s curse led you to the city.

Behind him stand several other men who sport an assortment of odd features. Too large ears or a nose that takes up half a face. These must be Alexander’s ‘friends’ who he shrunk.

“You’ll pay for this!” the old man says as he flips the levers back to the up position. “We’ll shrink you to the size of a bug.”

He pulls you toward the door even as you try to resist him. Considerinlg he looks like an old man, he’s quite strong.

The ground shakes and the wall’s light flickers.

“Which levers were pulled?” one of the others asks.

Before the answer comes, the door bursts open and a figure fills the space. A very large figure.

“Maurice,” Alexander greets your captor.

“You deserve your cell,” Maurice responds.

“So do you.” Says a new, rumbling voice. Another giant steps up behind Alexander. Seeing them side by side, you conclude Alexander was telling the truth. Some of his features are shrunk.

“Good idea opening two cells,” Alexander says to you.

You smile like you thought the whole thing through and step away from Maurice as his grasp on your wrist has grown limp.

The five shrunken giants glance at each other and then bolt, trying to get past Alexander and his friend’s legs. They don’t make it far.


The first cell housed Alexander alone. However, the second cell held three other giants who assisted Alexander in rounding up their shrunken friends. They agreed to hold a trial for the five after all the giants were released.

As for yourself, Alexander showed you to the treasure room. It fits the giants. It’s huge. And you decide it was fortuitous that you helped Alexander because the giants hid their treasure by having an outer treasure room, convincingly large enough to make a treasure hunter look no further, and then they have their inner treasure room where you could become lost and never be found again.

Alexander and the others made a deal with you. You can come take a bag of treasure once a month on the condition you never reveal the city to anyone. You’re pretty sure you can keep that deal.

The End

Congratulations treasure hunter! You’ve successfully found treasure and made some friends along the way. Thanks for participating this week. I hope to see you next week for a new short story involving one of my favorite creatures. Dragons=)



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6 thoughts on “Giant Town Option Bb1: Free Alexander

  1. J.C. Wolfe says:

    Sorry I’m only getting to this now; it’s been a hectic last few days! Great story! Glad we decided to help Alexander; nothing better than finding new friends and treasure! I look forward to the next adventure, and your new story about dragons! :D

  2. leslierohman says:

    Yay for a pretty happy ending!

  3. fminuzzi says:

    A bag a month sounds pretty good! Looking forward to the next adventure!

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