Spy’s Mission Option Bb2: Don’t Tell the Family

Welcome to the end of the adventure and thank you so much for participating. It makes the adventure all the more fun when there are several different responses each day. =)

Spy’s Mission Option Bb2: Don’t Tell the Family

Since you don’t know who exactly is planning to kill the King, the fewer people who know about the threat, the better.

“My Lady,” you say, “it would be better to play our cards close to the chest.”

She swallows ¬†and then puts a bright smile on her face. “Of course.”

The laughing of her ladies as they join you prevents any further conversation, so you hold your tongue and fall in to escort the Queen through the city.

This creates a slight hesitation for you since you’ve never been in the city before but you soon realize that, if you hold Rush’s reigns lightly, she knows where to go. So you hold the reigns with a bit of slack and instead start keeping a closer eye on the crowd pressing close to the street.

They cheer for the Queen and she waves with that bright smile held firmly in place.

Soon you see the King and the Princess riding ahead of you. It’s slow, but as you continue down the road, the gap between you and them starts to disappear. You watch them for a minute and then move your eyes toward the crowd.

A heavy set man catches your eye. Unlike the others in the crowd, he’s not smiling and cheering well wishes for the Princess’ birthday. Instead, he’s intently watching the Princess as she rides closer toward him. The frown on his face looks like it’s permanently there considering the lines around his mouth and in his forehead.

“My Lady?” you nudge her knee with your own.

She glances at you but continues to wave.

“Do you know that man?” You look at him but don’t point, hoping she’ll get the direction of your gaze.

“That’s Master Jamison, the cook,” she says without moving her lips. It’s a rather fascinating skill.

“Is he always so dour?”

“Ye…” she falls silent as Master Jamison approaches the Princess with a hand reached out to her. The frown’s gone from his face like he’s delighted to see her but the effort to smile seems strange to him.

The Princess grasps his hands and blesses him before sitting straight again to wave to the crowd.

You keep your eyes on Master Jamison while he slips back into the masses. He’s a short man but wide in the shoulders and, since his frown’s back, the crowd separates for him. It’s enough for you to see him slip a bottle into his pocket. That wouldn’t be so strange except you see the red seal around the top of the bottle. It’s a common way to mark poison.

“My Lady,” you say but when you look at her you see she’s seen the same thing as you.

“She must have paid him,” she says softly. The merriment’s gone from her face . “Catch the cook, my friend. I’ll deal with my daughter.”

“Yes, My Lady.” You drop from your saddle and hand Rush’s reigns off to one of the Queen’s ladies before slipping into the crowd after the cook.

It’s not hard to guess he’s headed back toward the palace, so you head back to Oddfellows. Your guess pays off as you see the broad shoulders of Master Jamison heading to the left up the street.

Following him at a distance, you wait until he reaches the palace and the kitchen yard. It’s empty save for him seeing as how all the kitchen help is in the building preparing for dinner and any one else is still out on the streets waving at the royal family. You select a fist sized rock.

Just as Master Jamison’s about to turn around to see who’s behind him, you pitch the rock. It catches him on the temple and he slumps into a heap in the yard.

“That was easier than I expected,” you mutter.


Your part was rather easy. You secured Master Jamison and found the poison in his front right pocket. The guard showed up a bit later to claim him.

Catching the Princess was apparently a much more noisy ordeal. When the Queen confronted her back at the palace, she stridently exclaimed her innocence but when the Queen reached a hand out to her, she backed away and ran. The guard chased her until she reached the dinning room where she upturned several tables in her effort to escape. They caught her there.

They later found three other bottles of poison in the Princess’ room along with several small notes she’s exchanged with Master Jamison. She promised him when she was Queen that she’d grant him land and a title.

As for you, being a spy, you slip away before you can be called in front of a crowd and return to your Master for your next mission. He’ll never have you return to the capital because you’re face is too well known now but, considering everything, that’s just fine with you.

The End

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend,


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12 thoughts on “Spy’s Mission Option Bb2: Don’t Tell the Family

  1. mom says:

    yeah!!!!! we survived this adventure. Thanks for the fun

  2. mom & dad says:

    Well done. Gotta keep an eye on those girls : )

  3. leslierohman says:

    Oh! I like this one! I feel like it’s yet another that needs a lot more story, I wanna know why!

  4. J.C. Wolfe says:

    We saved the King! I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t seek out the cook or tell the family. Great story! As always, I look forward to the next! :)

  5. I agree! She is quite a naughty daughter. Now I wonder what would have happened had the family been told.

  6. Karen Soutar says:

    Oohh, what a nasty Princess! I didn’t suspect her…well done on a great story! xx

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