Spy’s Mission Option B: See the Horse Trainer

Welcome back to the second part of the adventure. Reader’s choices have led you to tracking down the horse trainer to help you warn the King of the threat on his life. Let’s see what happens.

Spy’s Mission Option B: See the Horse Trainer

As you approach the city gate, the guard turns to address you.

“Where are you headed?” he asks. His tone is monotone, he’s probably asked that exact question hundreds of times this day.

“To the royal horse trainer, Master Ham. You see, he ordered a special halt…”

“Move along,” the guard gestures you forward, not caring what the horse trainer wants so long as your purpose in being in the city seems reasonable.

You let your bag fall back to your side. If he’d let you show him, you would’ve pulled out a decorated halter you made just for this purpose. It wasn’t anything too fancy but on a quick inspection, it would pass as a present for the princess.

You’ve learned in your time with the spy network that, as long as you appear to know what you’re doing, most people don’t second guess it.

Moving farther into the city, you realize you didn’t ask the guard for directions, so you flag down a man pushing a hand cart full of turnips.

“Friend,” you call, “can you point me in the direction of the royal stables?”

“Master Ham’s got a surprise for everyone today!” The man announces. “You helping him with it?”

You shrug and hold up your hands as if to say “maybe.”

“Follow this street and hang a left on Oddfellow.”

Thanking the man, you wander down the street and hang the left. Oddfellow Road opens up into a broad thoroughfare and today, with the Princess’ birthday, the space is thriving with merchants, shoppers, and the general lookie-loos who just want to see something special.

As you make your way toward the palace at the end of all the chaos, the sound of bells catches your ears as woman passes wearing bangles on her ankles, then the rank oder of sweat distracts you and you sidestep a man so grimy you’re not sure what skin color he possesses. Yup, you’re definitely in the city.

Finally arriving at the palace, you head to the left where large fields with random fences and such run for training horses.

“Hey you, close that gate!” Shouts a man as he points at the gate closest to you. You hurry over and close the indicated gate just before the horse he’s trying to catch races out. The horse stops dead and you can almost swear it glares at you.

“Where might I find Master Ham?” you ask.

The man raises a brow and then breaks into a grin that reveals very white teeth in the middle of a red beard.

“You’ve found him,” he says.

You open your mouth and then hesitate as your master’s caution about telling about the threat on the King runs through your head.

Do you…

Bb. Trust him?


Bc. Go it on Your Own?



(Please post a comment with your choice. One vote per post please but comment as much as you like=) This makes counting votes easier. Voting will end at 8pm Mountain Time Monday. I’ll post whichever option gets the most votes Tuesday and we’ll see how the adventure continues!)

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12 thoughts on “Spy’s Mission Option B: See the Horse Trainer

  1. J.C. Wolfe says:

    Happy New Year! Good to see you back with a new adventure for us! I say trust him; I’d like to see where that choice leads. ;)

  2. leslierohman says:

    He seems ok, lets trust him :)

  3. rohmankids says:

    We want to trust him :)

  4. lynda says:

    I would say …… Hummmmm……….trust the trainer. Need to trust somewhere.

  5. DAD says:

    Trust him it is. Bring on the next installment!

  6. Karen Soutar says:

    I think…I’ll trust him. Hope I’m not making a big mistake!
    People who work with animals are usually trustworthy… ;-)

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